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I get a great deal of email and I try to answer it all.  Normally I am able to but there are times I get overwhelmed.  If you have a question or problem specific to one program you should try their customer service first.  I am very aware that many have slow and often poor service.  If you can't get the help you need I will do my best to answer your questions and solve your problems.

I want you to get the information you need to be successful in the Paid to Surf business.  Your success is my success.


I get many emails from people to tell me about this or that program that I should join.  Unfortunately often I already have that program on my site.  If you are going to send me an email about a program first check the listing of programs on my main page.  Do not waste your time or mine with programs I am already a member of.

For every program you see listed there are five that I looked at and did not join.  There is a good chance that any program you email me about I have already seen and decided against.

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