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Is this a scam?
Absolutely not.  Members of these programs have already begun receiving checks.  All the money comes from advertisers.  You are being paid for you time and attention plus your efforts in getting others to become members too.  Click on the program name to see scans of checks received by me and other program members. 
the programs here had already begun to pay so i have checks from them. other companies will be here soon.

How can they pay me thousands of dollars to view ads?
Here is how the math works.  I will use AllAdvantage numbers for my example.  Whenever a member surfs with their banner active for one hour it costs AllAdvantage eighty cents.  Fifty cents to the member, ten cents to their referrer, and five cents each to the next four referrers upline. 

When 1,000 members each surf for one hour it will cost AllAdvantage $800.  AllAdvantage ads are 20 seconds in length so in one hour each member has seen 180 ads or a total of 180,000 views for the 1000 members.  Internet advertising is usually priced in CPM or cost per thousand views.  AllAdvantage's payment to members is $800. for 180 thousand views or $4.44 CPM.  Since internet ads are normally priced from $3-$20 CPM you can see that these companies should have no problem paying us if they can sell enough ads.

Many programs pay a percentage of revenue so if they get lower ad rates they will pay less, but if ad rates increase they will be paying more.